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Clean-O-Rama Service Department-Part 1

Our Back to School Series features the Service Department of Clean-O-Rama. The recently renovated area for service is 3X the size of the original service department. COR began construction in the upstairs area above our offices, and after a lot of work prepping floors, creating walls, sheet rock, mud and sanding, painting and moving items around back and forth at least 5 times, the new Service Department began to take form.

Genesan's Jay Petersen getting the floors ready

Genesan's Jay Petersen getting the floors ready

The task of installing all of the parts shelves and racks was tedious but also welcomed due to the customized nature of starting fresh. After the shelves were assembled, then came all the parts. Relocating and running an inventory check on all parts was a feat on it's own. Once those parts were allocated and put into their new homes, next was the desks, tool benches, and tool boxes.


With our trusty fork lift, we hoisted all of the big items upstairs and then into place. With wiring and lights completed, a safety gate installed in the big doorway that machines and large items will be lifted up into, it was time to start getting settled. It took a few weeks to really get everything put into place, there were new processes to set up, new routines to get familiar with, lots of stairs to go up and down all day. 

When everything was finished, we were ready to showcase the new department at our Customer Appreciation Day. Instead of a traditional ribbon cutting, we decided to pass over the golden wrench; a bright beginning for our Service Department to excel and thrive, and to provide exceptional service to YOU!

From left to right: Phil Sferes, Josh White, Steve Butler, Greg Sferes

From left to right: Phil Sferes, Josh White, Steve Butler, Greg Sferes

Stay tuned for next week's Back to School series- Service Department-Part 2!