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COR Values Program

COR Values Program


What do you value? We start by learning what is most important for your cleaning program. At the discovery meeting, we share information to understand your priorities, resources, and overall objectives. From there, we visit your facility and meet the staff.

Without compromising health or sustainability, we assess your current program, measure the opportunity to clean, and apply our expertise with your goals to create a COR Values Proposal. The proposal includes actual staffing via a computerized model based in best practices, establishment of the cleaning standard, and a description of how the program is to be installed, and maintained after the sale. The proposal defines the optimal service package, as well as pricing guarantees, that respect your budget.

Clean-O-Rama believes in a team approach to solving problems. Let our team of experts help you solve problems you face with safety, health, and cleanliness. With a dedicated Sales Rep, Analyst, Product Specialist, and Coach, we can help you find the solutions you need. Fill out the form below to set up your Discovery Meeting with our COR Values Analyst Team.

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building the standard

Step by step, our team will measure your entire facility and survey your existing labor structure, inventory, scheduled tasks, and non-assigned work requests and much more to develop a customized standard for your district based on ISSA and APPA cleaning standards. 

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It's a new era of accountability and we all need to be prepared to provide solid evidence of the need for each part of our budgetary responsibility. Acuity is dedicated to helping our clients quantify and best deploy their labor resources, which allows you to manage more effectively. 



We know that implementing a standardized, quality training program can save your facility money. A properly trained employee can deliver a properly cleaned building, leading to improved air quality for all, a more enhanced learning environment, and less sick days for all building occupants. We provide on site coaching for all of your needs, on a regularly scheduled basis. 

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