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Customer Appreciation Day

If there is one thing in particular that stands out about Clean-O-Rama, it's our gatherings. Whether it's a formal training, an open house, an equipment demo day, or customer appreciation day; we know how to show our customers a good time. We love treating our customer's as our guests, and showing them our appreciation and respect.

June 15th, 2018 was no exception. After an evening of rain and a morning of cloud cover, I was nervous that it would not prove to be the sunny and 75 degree day the weather channel forecasted. When I arrived at Clean-O-Rama, I was happy to find the tables and chairs under the tent were not wet and things were drying out. By 10AM, the sun had come out and everything was set up and ready. As the host, emcee, and DJ, I put on a mixed playlist and eagerly awaited our guests. 

We had numerous vendors come to enjoy the day and give out freebies to our guests. Those that came included Genesan, TomCat, Windsor/Karcher, IPC Eagle, Kaivac, Microfiber and More, and Calarese. We are truly thankful for the relationship we have with our vendors, it's so important to providing quality products and service to our customers. Kaivac was extremely generous and offered their OmniFlex® as our big raffle item at the end of our day. 

Clean-O-Rama just moved the Service Department upstairs to our newly renovated area where Custom Matting also resides. The new Service Department was being "unveiled", as they say, at our event. Not only does this new area provide an organized space for parts and tools, but it gives the service technicians the space they need to work on equipment comfortably. There is no doubt that this will allow our Service Department to run smoothly and operate more efficiently. 

We offered games such as cornhole, johnny-mop toss, and autoscrubber races. Can't forget about the dunk tank... Josh, our COO, was the first to volunteer to be the dunkee. We also had Ryan, our dilution control, matting, and gym floor expert, and Alex from sales be great sport's and letting customers and other employees dunk them. 

Lunch was catered by Moe's Barbecue and they did a fantastic job making sure nobody went without a full plate. Overall, it was a great day and it's always gratifying to provide a great experience to our customers and to show them our appreciation.

After cake, we raffled off the rest of our gift baskets and goodies. Then came the big raffle for the OmniFlex®. One of Phillips-Exeter Academy's custodians had the winning raffle ticket and thankfully they had taken a bus up to Clean-O-Rama so they had room to take the OmniFlex® home with them. Without a doubt, it was a day to remember. We hope you will join us next time, and see our softer side. We promise we will help you find solutions to your janitorial needs, too. 

-Meghan McFarland, Marketing Coordinator